eInflow Feature Overview

The purpose of this document  is to provide the user with help understanding and using eInflow  Information Manager.  eInflow easily handles projects/matters/tasks and links them as desired with your contacts, companies and clients, time log, documents and then even billing as each case may require. 

eInflow  is a more complete information manager for a business or professional, and written in a single executable program. It is designed for any service oriented type of business. 

eInflow manages, tracks and reports:

Although very capable of managing contacts,  eInflow  is primarily centered around so-called "tasks". But subject matter may also be "projects" or "jobs" or "matters" or "issues" or "events" or "file" or whatever else you might call them in your particular line of business.  For simplicity, we will just call them "tasks" or "projects".

Tasks are versatile information forms with multiple uses for various types of information. Their primary purpose is to organize and link people, companies, employees, clients, time detail, documents and correspondence, and even the billing line items.  The tasks allow you to easily manage the various pieces and types of information a service-oriented business or professional may have.

Finding the information is easy the next day, or the next year.  There are various ways to find any information, but the quickest way is via the "Label" locator.  Each task is "labeled" by you, (or automatically by the program) , so you can quickly find the information you're looking for with the pressing of just a few keys. 

Documents you want to track include letters and text you can copy and paste. Letters can be created and tracked for quick locating later, no matter how may documents you may have. All documents can be linked to either people or tasks -- or both.  By adding your company logo and personal signature, you can even print letters looking like they were generated in a word processor and hand signed. 

Proposal Management allows you to quote and print a professional looking proposal which can include both text, line items and pricing.  This is a full-featured system with the things you really need in pricing, creating, printing and managing multi-page quotations.

Client and Invoicing management provides invoicing and client related reports on time and billing with detail notes.  Project time and client receivable information is easily entered with a few key strokes. Then the hours are totaled for each task or matter. 

Cost items and employee time and cost is also tracked when needed.  This integrated method allow you to easily handle many functions through the use of very few forms and screens using a single system.

Whether you just want basic information, or want to log and track time spent on multiple projects, eInflow  gives you the power to easily and intelligently manage almost all your vital information and time.

We've provided a number of resources here to help you answer questions, show the overview of main features, and show you how to use the system as easily as possible. But, the fastest way to get started is to get started and enter some information you want to track. You can read Quick Start to aid you in understanding the basics in adding your own information.