You and your organization may know how hard it is to find a good and reputable computer programmer. We know this, because we have take over quite a few unsupported or incomplete systems in the past.  We've been programming business applications for the PC environment  since 1988. As well as the listed programs below, we have many different applications available for the service related and manufacturing industries. We focus on a superior product, customer satisfaction, timeliness and price.

Pocket PC Database Integration

Now we work with Pocket PC's so our clients have greater choices in data entry and management. We can work with most service related businesses and organizations to provide the right solution for the exact need.

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FAST Programming Environment!

We produce fast programs AND fast program turn around.

Now, since we also work with Pocket PC's and are able to integrate with PC's and servers, as well as local networks.

We are able to use more than one language: we know Basic and C, but the house favorite is the Clarion language. It's much more than a language: it's a combined language and database design and programming system. It's a professional application development system. This environment lets us easily reuse objects and templates to effortlessly migrate a function that works in an application to another new one. The final stand-alone executable programs run as fast as a program written in a lower level language, such as C++. Much faster than Basic.

Clarion is a language that doesn't have a strong following with casual programmers and end-users. It's NOT a Microsoft product. It's designed for professional programmers and tends to be too comprehensive for the masses. It takes a while to learn because it's industrial strength. But once learned, it's probably the fastest professional development environment available today.

If there's one thing we've learned, it's that every business is different. Our focus has always been designing exactly the right system for the need. 

Feel free to contact us so we can provide you with just the information you need. We'll be happy to send a demo which closely matches your individual requirements.  Then we can discuss providing you with just the right software.

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Last modified: June 07, 2011