Customizable Business Software Products

We are not limited by any specific database file formats. Our clients have the choice of almost any type of database: from text files to well known formats such as MS SQL , Access, Dbase, Btrieve, Clarion, Oracle, etc.

We have active clients who have depended on our software for for nearly twenty years.

We have completed business software for the following types of businesses:

E Inflow Information Management

Not just a PIM -- but a powerful way to integrate all your vital business information in a single application. 
This is the most versatile and powerful information manager and business system we know of.  It's a Windows 95/98/2000/XP application with many features within a business task-driven framework. And, now it integrates with our other accounting modules to give you common data accessibility!


Order Management and Proposal Management

Order Entry, Inventory, Invoices, Accounts Receivable, Job Cost and Tracking, Sales and Sales Person Reporting, Job Information (for Networks), ShippingEstimating, Costing, Pricing, Cover Letter, Professional Proposals, Sales Follow-up, Sales Reports, and much more!

Payables Management

Purchase Orders

Integrate Purchases with Orders and Accounts Receivables

Track Payables: Invoices and Payments

Integrate with Accounts Receivable Module


General Ledger and Payroll

The software products listed on our Web Page is just a sample of the many products we have now. It should give you an idea of our versatility in software and programming.

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Just because we have a complete line of systems doesn't mean we don't still provide customized systems. We've always had a forte for programming for individual needs. Software should work for your business -- Not a business like yours, but yours! We have found every one of our clients to be at least a little different -- even when working with the same type of business. And, you'd probably be surprised how cost effective we can be!

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Whether you're looking for some special software or telecom consulting we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

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Last modified: June 07, 2011