Netanizer Web-Server based Software 



The Netanizer product line is software designed to easily take small and medium organizations to the next step in ecommerce and self-managed interactive web sites.



For a low-cost, start-up solution, please consider our easy to use and set-up software. Our latest standalone Netanizer software product is the fastest and the easiest way to get your business interactively accessible on the web. We call this latest website Netanizer product the Webafax Information Exchange System. Follow this Webafax link at to see more about this exciting product.


Customized Self-Hosting HTML Web Servers


Versatile and Safe from Hackers

Custom-Built  Data Integration

Stand-Alone Software

Flexible and  Real-Time Data at Your Desk

Interactive Websites 

ECommerce/Shopping Carts


Web Data Servers 

Some Reasons to use Customized Netanizer Products:











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Examples of Customized On-Line Web Server Applications

Ordering Systems/Shopping Carts

Online Catalogs

Tracking Systems

Project Administration

Publishing/Searching Systems

Document Management

Group Collaboration Systems

Human Resource Systems

Messaging Systems

Office Automation Systems

Online Accounting

Online Reporting

Manufacturing Support Systems

Invoicing Systems

Peer-To-Peer Communications

Customer Support Systems


All Systems 30 Day Guaranteed!


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Last modified: June 07, 2011